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Implementing the Cisco Unity Connection

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Jul 7, 14


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Overview of 642-263 certification exam

The 642-263 IUC or Implementing Cisco Unity Connection exam is comprised of 40 to 50 questions that are scheduled to be completed within a 75 minute period. The Cisco Unity Support Specialist certification is the certification that is associated with this exam. This is an English language exam, and Pearson VUE can take care of all your registration needs.

Individuals planning to take this exam need to be able to provide adequate descriptions for VPIM networking in Cisco Unity Connection servers, for the Cisco Unity Connection System itself, and also for a number of deployment models. Individuals taking this exam also must be able to effectively explain the process of installation for the Cisco Unity Connection, how to use digital networking in the Cisco Unity Connection, and the process of integrating other technologies like fax servers and PIMG/TIMG integrations, also in Cisco Unity Connection. They will need to know how to use the available Cisco Unity Connection tools for the purposes of migrating, testing, and troubleshooting Cisco Unity Connections, as well.

The only course officially recommended for individuals who intend to take this examination is the Implementing Cisco Unity Connection (IUC) course, but other courses may be available that could also be helpful. Just be aware that not all courses are run by Cisco Certified Instructors, so caution is called for when choosing preparatory courses. Courses are hardly the only resource available, so test takers are encouraged to use other resources to aid preparation.

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