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Cisco Presence Design and Implementation

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Jul 9, 14


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Overview of 642-181 certification exam

Candidates for the Cisco Unified Presence Specialist certification are required to successfully pass the 642-181 Cisco Unified Presence Design and Implementation exam. Available in Japanese and English, this exam will test the candidate’s knowledge of designing and implementation of Cisco Unified Presence solutions. The ideal candidate will have previously completed the PRSDI training course before attempting this exam.

The 642-181 carries a 75-minute time limit in which to answer the 45-55 test items. Examinees can expect topics to include implementation and configuration of the Cisco Presence Solution, troubleshooting a Cisco Presence solution implementation, and designing a Cisco Presence solution according to customer requirements. Candidates should also be prepared to describe the components and available options within the Cisco Presence solution as well as the operational functions needed to support the solution.

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