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Overview of 642-052 certification exam

This exam is retired and not valid now. The exam number is 642-052 and the exam name is RSS/FE. This exam was available in English. Before taking the exam, the candidate must be familiar with the contents of the BCMSN courses and BCRAN, catalyst switches, the routers and available modules for these devices. The exam is not easy to pass and the passing score is very high. It’s about 825 out of 1000. For the expired date and replacement, no information is available now.

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With a full-time job, family commitments, and personal hobbies, it's more than difficult to find the time or desire to further your training and education. However, TestsForge allows you to stay committed to your daily life, AND pass tests efficiently. Exam Cisco 642-052: RSS/FE was a certification I needed, but really didn't have the time for. I put it off as long as I could, but it basically came to getting fired by my company or trying to pass the exam. I immediately purchased TestsForge, and the material allowed me to pass the certification. Now I'm back to my hobbies and family activities with a new career!

- From Adam Thompson

Well here it is...

I didn't think in a million years I could ever be a certified professional working in my field. But the Cisco 642-052: RSS/FE test guide did make it very understandable and I felt comfortable with myself and my knowledge. It really took your guidance to relax me enough to take the test. Going in there with preparation and confidence was what I needed the most. I stressed about the test all night but I also passed. I was proud of myself. And I said to myself, if I pass, I am going to write TestsForge a referral! Well here it is...

- From Ai Ge

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