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Overview of 640-801 certification exam

The 640-801 Cisco Certified Network Associate exam is for candidates who are completing their CCNA Routing and Switching certification requirements. This 90-minute test will assess the candidate’s knowledge and skill level that is necessary for installing, operating, and troubleshooting small to medium sized enterprise branch networks. Adequate preparations for the 640-801 exam should include the CCNAX v1.0 training course from Cisco.

Test items will include between 45-55 questions made up of topics such as configuring and troubleshooting basic operation and routing on Cisco devices, implementing a small switched network, implementing a small routed network, implementing and verifying WAN links, NAT and ACLs in a medium sized enterprise branch office. Examinees should also be able to describe the operation of data networks and explain and choose appropriate administrative tasks necessary for a WLAN. Additional related topics are also likely to be included within the delivery of this exam.

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