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Overview of 640-647 certification exam

Cisco is offering the 642-647 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP and QoS v8.0 exam for candidates who are completing the CCNP Voice certification requirements. This 90-minute exam, available in English and Japanese, is designed to test the prospective candidate’s knowledge of implementation and operation of gateways, gatekeepers, Cisco Unified Border Element, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and QoS with a voice network structure.

The 60-70 questions presented on the 642-647 exam will include topics such as implementing a gateway, implementing Cisco Unified Border Element and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to lend support to endpoints utilizing CLI. Candidates should also be prepared to describe dial plans, gateway components, and situations that call for implementing QoS for voice and video. As other related topics may appear on this exam, candidates should complete the CVOICE v8.0 training course and review all materials accordingly.

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The Cisco 640-647: CVOICE test was looking very scary to me. This is because I was talking with everyone and they were all telling me about how difficult it was and how they had trouble passing it the first time that they took it. Seeing as some of the people telling me this were people I thought were better in the career than me, I was scared that I was never going to pass the test. I discovered TestsForge and everything you guys offer and I was shocked to see just how easy you guys made taking the test. I told everyone about it and they got the help they needed too. I bet everyone can pass the test with your help.

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I need to get my Cisco 640-647: CVOICE taken for work. I have been putting it off for several months so now it is almost the last few weeks before it is required to keep my job. I am scrambling to find a resource to help me get the core essentials for the test. I stumbled upon your site. I reviewed the exam contents and prices, which I have to say are both a great deal. I purchased the exam contents and began studying. I found I was questioning just why I put it off. I found I could answer the test questions easily because of the guide. I now see my certification is within reach. I have to thank you for showing just how easy it is to certifications!

- From Tobias Rauschenberger

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