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Overview of 640-507 certification exam

This exam is retired and not valid now. The exam number is 640-507 CCNA. This exam was available in English. The candidates must be familiar with the following topics: Maintains communication channels and provides dialogue control, IEEE Ethernet (MAC) Standards, ethernet Physical Media, switch Functions, spanning Tree Protocol (STP), LAN Switch Types, DOD TCP/IP Model, manipulate subnets to create a given number of hosts or subnets, IP Routing, router Switching Modes, by default the IOS is loaded from flash memory, the configuration register can be viewed with sh version and the CDP timer specifies how often the CDP packets are sent. The exam was discontinued on 30th, June 2007 and was replaced by 640-802 CCNA. No training courses are available for this Cisco certification exam now.

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Being Self Employed and Staying Current in My Field

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- From Nathan Bio

The Joke is No Longer On Me with Your Help

Talking with everyone that is in the same profession has opened my eyes to the fact that I was a bit of a joke in my profession. This is due in large part to the fact that I was working twice as hard as everyone else, yet still making less money than everyone else. I did not want to continue going to work knowing that I was the joke of the office. I went to TestsForge to get the help I needed to get through the Cisco 640-507: CCNA test and find a new job. I passed the test and applied to a new company that was eager to hire me. Now, I am not a joke in my profession and I am getting the money I deserve in life.

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