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CompTIA A+ Essentials (2009 Edition)

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Jul 8, 14


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Overview of 220-701 certification exam

The 220-701 CompTIA A+ Essentials (2009 Edition) certification exam is one of two exams that must be passed to earn the A+ certification from CompTIA. IT professionals at entry level can take this exam to validate their knowledge of fundamental networking, security, and computer technology concepts, as well as troubleshooting, maintenance, and operational procedures and A+ hardware components. The exam is divided into six key sections, with 100 multiple questions asked in a time span of 90 minutes. A score of 675 is required to pass this exam; it is available in a variety of languages.

To train for this exam, individuals can visit the CompTIA Store to purchase a comprehensive study guide and practice exam, uCertify Prepkit Software, all-in-one exam guide, textbooks, courseware, exam vouchers, and more. It is recommended that candidates accumulate at least 500 hours of hands-on experience (classroom and field) as a computer technician, as many of the concepts on the 220-701 will be applied toward practical and real life scenarios.

Computer hardware concepts will comprise the largest section on this exam. Knowledge of storage devices and backup media, motherboard components, CPUs, power supplies, display devices, adapter cards, printers, and computer components and features is essential. Troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance procedures in specific scenarios will be tested, while the Windows operating systems and supported software (including installation and configuration steps, boot sequences, and user interfaces) will be covered. Networking fundamentals, security principles and various features, and operational procedures will make up the final sections of this exam.

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