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Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices

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Jul 9, 14


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Overview of 200-001 certification exam

The 200-001 Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices exam is a requirement for the Cisco Audio Visual Specialist certification and the CCNA Video certification. It will include 60-70 multiple choice questions that will cover such things as video and conferencing concepts, endpoint configuration, and troubleshooting. Participants will have 90 minutes to complete this exam. It is available in the English and Japanese languages.

The Implementing Cisco Video Network Device, Part 1 and Part 2 training course is available to take as a way to review and prepare for this exam. Candidates should enroll in this course to supplement their on-the-job training experience implementing Cisco video network devices.

Various concepts and processes will be put to the test on the 200-001 exam. Video product models, conferencing components, schedule/demand items, conferencing features, and other components of video network devices will be covered, while participants should have adequate experience working with CLI commands and desktop endpoint implementation, as well as with customer business requirements and carrying out troubleshooting procedures.

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Taking tests does not have to be difficult as long as you know what you are doing. The problem was that when I was going to take the Cisco 200-001: Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices, I really had no clue what it was that I was doing. I needed to get some great help and I needed it fast. Luckily, I was able to find TestsForge before things really got out of hand. I got the study guide downloaded in just a few minutes and I was studying. Everything was laid out in a manner that I could not help but to understand. Before long, I was taking the test and I passed it the first time I took it. I will be using this again!

- From James Silva

It Is So Easy To Pass Tests With These Study Guides

Study guides should provide everything that you need to know in an easy to follow format. This is exactly what I was able to find when I was studying for the Cisco 200-001: Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices test. I started to download and study everything from TestsForge and I knew in an instant that I had made the right decision. There was an order to everything that they included in the guides. I not only was able to pass the test, but I passed it faster than anyone else was able to pass the test in my group. It felt good to walk out from taking the test knowing that I would receive a notice in the mail soon telling me I had passed.

- From Ricco Meyvis

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