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Engineering a Citrix Virtualization Solution

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Jul 2, 14


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Overview of 1Y0-A25 certification exam

Those that are already familiar with Citrix and are working in the engineering/ technical support side of this software probably want to increase their qualifications and perhaps move up the ladder. For this reason the 1Y0-A25: Engineering a Citrix Virtualization Solution Exam was created. Some of the areas and roles that it covers are these: network engineers; systems integrators and administrators, Citrix consultants; network managers and applications engineers. Knowledge of things like application streaming and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or newer and of the change control processes is a good place to start yet is nowhere near everything.

It is recommended that participants taking 1Y0-A25 have some personal experience in things such as troubleshooting, management of storage, integration of Citrix solutions; securing, management and monitoring of the environment. Attendance of the CVE-400-11 Engineering a Citrix Solution course along with hands-on experience is also recommended prior to taking the exam. Examinees will be asked to prove their knowledge and experience in any given scenario. Here are some things to look for on the exam that are situation-based. Given certain requirements, which type of policy is the best to implement? Given specific needs determine how users of an organization would gain access to virtual desktops and also to publish applications.

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