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CIW Perl Specialist

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Overview of 1D0-437 certification exam

The 1D0-437 CIW Perl Specialist exam is a 75 minute exam comprised of 50 multiple choice questions covering the Perl programming language, as used in the development of web applications. The foundations of the Perl language, as well as code development and web site implementation, will be tested. Earning the CIW Perl Specialist certification (previously known as the CIW Perl Foundations certification) is a great way to begin a career in the advanced development - and the advanced usage - of web applications and technologies.

A training course for this exam is offered to candidates as a means of preparation. Code development, language essentials, and website development will be among the things taught in this course. Candidates can also visit the CIW website for more resources and information. Web, software, and client/server developers, desktop publishers, and application programmers are recommended to take this exam. The Perl Specialist certification can be earned in conjunction with the JavaScript Specialist and Database Design Specialist certifications to become eligible for the Web Development Professional certification. A minimum score of 75% is required to pass the exam.

The exam will consist of the following topics:

1. Scripting, variables, print function, and other uses and operational tasks of the Perl interpreter.

2. Command line processing, object-oriented programming techniques, and the identification of programming errors using debugging procedures.

3. The use of common expressions, subroutines, packages and modules, hashes, and arrays.

4. Accessing external data using SQL and other database programming modules.

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